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The Gemstone of Summer; Ruby

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The Gemstone of Summer; Ruby

While some people like to categorize the months by zodiac signs and horoscopes, as jewelers, we of course associate each time of year with a gemstone. Most people are likely aware that each month has a gemstone or “birthstone” associated with it. But did you know that each of the 4 seasons does as well? By no surprise, summer’s gemstone is the Ruby, also the birthstone of July babies! The ruby is a breathtaking gemstone with a history dating back to around 200BC. We love creating unique jewelry pieces with this gorgeous gemstone of summer! Keep reading to learn more about the history of the Ruby, and check out some of our top picks for ruby pieces! 

Why Rubies are a Special Stone

The ruby is a special stone, as it’s considered one of the “big four,” meaning that it’s a precious stone. Rubies are valued according to their color, opposite of how diamonds are characterized by how colorless they are. The most valuable rubies have a deep blood-red color, with a high level of clarity. These deep hues represent passion, vividness, and power. Glowing rubies suggest a sense of love, warmth, and vitality, which has made them a popular choice for engagement rings! 

The History of the Ruby 

The story of the precious ruby gemstone can be traced back to the ancient Silk Road of China, when Asian traders imported rubies back to their native cultures. Rubies were always held in high regard, symbolizing good luck for many Asian cultures. These valuable gemstones were used not only in jewelry but also to ornament armor for wealthy noblemen of this time. Some wealthy people laid rubies at the foundations of their home as a good luck charm. The ancient Hindus thought of ruby as the king of all gems and believed that wearing it could ward off evil. While the meaning of ruby gemstones has changed throughout the years, the ruby is still a rare and valuable gemstone that is cherished by many. 

Our Top Ruby Gemstone Jewelry Pieces

Ruby Halo Ring

The ruby halo ring is simply stunning! The design is centered around the oval ruby, beautifully showcasing the rich and intense red color. 

Flora Tiny Baguette Band

For a more low-profile look, this stacking ring with a ruby diamond is dainty and sophisticated. 

Bostonian Makes Waves

This original inspired design features gorgeous red rubies and diamonds and can be customized just for you. Shop the Bostonian Waves ring.  

Create a Custom Piece of Jewelry

Whether your jewelry style is bold, simple, or somewhere in between, ruby is a gemstone that will always be in style. Rubies are a classic used in many different pieces of jewelry. If you want to create something special using rubies, we can help you design and create your own custom piece of jewelry! Get in contact with us today to schedule a consultation and get started.