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Bostonian Jewelers continues to follow safety protocols regarding COVID-19, while effectively serving our clients. We're offering both in-person & virtual consultations at this time. Schedule a one-on-one today! Bostonian Jewelers continues to follow safety protocols regarding COVID-19, while effectively serving our clients. We're offering both in-person & virtual consultations at this time. Schedule a one-on-one today!
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How To Keep Your Jewelry Looking Fresh

How To Keep Your Jewelry Looking Fresh

From your everyday jewelry to the expensive pieces you put on special occasions, jewelry requires cleaning occasionally. Jewelry, unlike our day-to-day clothing, is often overlooked during cleaning because most people believe it retains its shine for a long time.  This belief is untrue, as jewelry can become dull if neglected. Cleaning your jewelry requires special precautions to prevent damage, as over-cleaning can degrade its aesthetic value. 

Keep reading to learn different ways to clean metals and keep your jewelry fresh. As always, contact the professionals at Bostonian Jewelers to get your jewelry properly refurbished. 

How Often Should I Clean My Jewelry?

There is no one-size-fits-all rule to cleaning your jewelry, as it depends on how often it is worn, the last it was cleaned, and how it is stored. Some jewelry attracts more dirt than others and should be cleaned biweekly or monthly, while others don't. The general rule most people abide by is cleaning every two months to ensure it retains its color and shine. 

Tips To Clean Your Jewelry 

Cleaning your jewelry only requires professional help if stated by the jeweler or jewelry company. If you own regular jewelry pieces, the following are ways to keep them clean:-

Use liquid wash to clean your jewelry. 

Your liquid wash is suitable for washing dishes or clothes and can also clean your jewelry if appropriately used. The popular liquid soaks like Blue Dawn can eliminate months and years of dirt embedded deep in your jewelry. Another advantage is these washes are cheap, readily accessible, and can clean most metals, including silver, brass, titanium, gold-fill, and even aluminum, without damage. 

How-To Use:

  1. Soak the jewelry in soapy water (containing an equal mixture of liquid wash and water) for several minutes.
  2. Lather with the soap and rub the jewelry between your palms gently. Use a soft toothbrush to brush the joints and detailing if your jewelry has any engravings or carvings.
  3. Repeat the procedure if the water gets brown or dark.
  4. Rinse the jewelry with warm water and allow it to air dry. You can use a hair dryer/blower (on the lowest heat or most relaxed setting) to dry the jewelry. 

Use baking soda to clean your jewelry. 

Baking Soda is a powerful kitchen compound used for baking and even cleaning. It is used in many DIY procedures and has proven effective countless times. Mix baking soda with water and form a thick paste. Rub the paste on your still-dry jewelry for some minutes, and use a soft toothbrush to get the paste into the detailing and other tight corners. Rinse with water and air dry. 

Use plain vinegar to clean your jewelry. 

Vinegar effectively removes tarnishes in copper and brass jewelry. Soak the jewelry in vinegar for a few seconds. Remove the piece and wash with a non-lotion dishwashing soap and water for a few minutes. Rub it gently between your fingers and rinse thoroughly under cold water. Pat dry with a clean, lint-free towel to remove water spots, or use the blow dryer in a low setting. Ensure it is properly dry and stored in a fool-proof Ziploc® bag. 

Work with Bostonian Jewelers 

Bostonian Jewelers offers jewelry restoration and repair services. Whether you've uncovered vintage jewelry or forgotten about some beloved jewels that need a touch-up, our experts in Boston are the ones to choose from. Contact us today to schedule a one-on-one consultation.

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The Process of Ring Resizing: What You Need to Know

The Process of Ring Resizing: What You Need to Know

Rings hold a special place in our hearts, symbolizing love, commitment, and cherished memories. However, life's changes may necessitate adjustments to your precious rings. Whether it's the excitement of a proposal or the passage of time, understanding the art of ring resizing is essential to ensure your beloved pieces remain a perfect fit, preserving their timeless elegance.

In this article, we will unravel the intricate process of ring resizing and explore everything you need to know to keep your cherished rings as stunning as ever.

Why is the Ring Resized?

Ring resizing is a common practice to ensure the wearer enjoys a comfortable and secure fit. Several factors drive the need for resizing, including changes in finger size due to weight fluctuations or environmental factors. 

Style preferences may also evolve, as do sentimental or practical considerations, such as inheriting a ring or wanting to wear it on a different finger, which can prompt resizing. Regardless, ring resizing helps individuals continue to enjoy their cherished jewelry.

How Do Rings Get Resized?

When contemplating ring resizing, the ideal approach is to return to the original jewelry store. Their experts intimately know your ring's design and composition, ensuring precise resizing that preserves its integrity and aesthetics. 

This ensures that the resizing process is executed with utmost care, resulting in a perfectly fitted, beautiful piece of jewelry.

Reducing Ring Size: 

Resizing a ring to a smaller size involves an intricate yet manageable process. The metal must be heated to an exact temperature, striking a delicate balance between hot and cold. Extreme temperatures can render the metal challenging to manipulate and alter its chemical composition. 

Relying on the original jeweler is recommended for this task, as their experience guarantees the metal is heated to perfection, retaining its chemical properties while remaining malleable.

Expanding the Ring:

When the goal is to make a ring larger for a perfect fit, jewelers employ various techniques. To avoid subjecting the ring to heat, they may delicately shave off a portion of the inner gold surface, reducing the ring band's width. This adjustment ensures a comfortable fit on the finger without compromising the ring's structural integrity.

How Much Time Does It Take to Resize Rings?

Anticipate a temporary separation from your ring when resizing it at your local jeweler, with an estimated timeframe of up to two weeks. While the resizing itself is relatively swift, ranging from 10 minutes to approximately 5 or 6 hours to achieve the desired size, local jewelry stores often juggle multiple tasks, contributing to the two-week duration for the complete process.

Why Bostonian Jewelers Can Assist With The Process of Ring Resizing:

Choosing Bostonian Jewelers for your ring resizing needs is a wise decision. Their expertise ensures a seamless process, preserving the beauty and sentiment of your cherished rings. Trust them for a perfect fit every time, and experience craftsmanship at its finest.

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Engagement Ring Shopping: Tips To Save Money

Engagement Ring Shopping: Tips To Save Money

An engagement ring is an exciting yet scary purchase. You want the ring to be perfect since it will represent your love. We know it's easy to romanticize the process; an engagement ring is a significant expense you want to get right. Whether shopping for rings together or buying them solo, here are some tips for finding the right match. 

Consider Your Shape and Band 

Picking out what diamond shape your significant other would love is scary. Ask them what their dream ring looks like, making it easier for you in the long run. These details include band color, carat count, diamond cut, and more. Every shape has a different price per carat - some cuts are a bit more expensive than others. Research ring cuts and find two styles that suit your significant other, or that you know they would like. Engagement rings are traditionally made from yellow or white gold, silver, or platinum. Rose gold has gained more popularity lately as a more modern option. Consider your lifestyle, aesthetic, and budget for some metals that scratch or wear down easier than others.

Pick Your Carat Size

This is the most pricey part of finding the right engagement ring. Some prefer a large stone, whereas others may want something less noticeable. Your significant other should know the stone size they'd pick, which is an essential factor in ring shopping - believe us, only some people want a huge diamond. Once you find the right size, color, and clarity, this can be easily tweaked to fit within your budget. Save costs by buying a less standard carat size. Diamond prices are also determined by popularity. 

Decide On Your Cut and Clarity

You can save money by purchasing the lowest-color diamond that will remain colorless to the naked eye. This also goes for clarity - opting for the lowest clarity diamond can save you money. However, never sacrifice the quality of the cut of the diamond. The cut is a significant factor in the sparkle of the diamond. If an expensive, rough diamond is cut poorly, it will look worse than a smaller diamond cut perfectly.

Contact Bostonian Jewelers 

We understand this can be a complicated process and a big decision to make. Our team at Bostonian Jewelers is here to help with the process of engagement shopping. Our team of experts can assist you in picking the perfect diamond for your significant other while not breaking the bank. You will fall in love all over again on the big proposal day. Trust us with your jewelry needs, and contact us today! 

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Ways You Could Be Putting Your Ring At Risk

Ways You Could Be Putting Your Ring At Risk

Rings are top pieces of jewelry that give your fingers a polished look you didn't even know they needed. In other cases, rings can visually represent something special shared between couples, friends, or family. In this case, you'd want this ring to last as long as possible or even for a lifetime. The only way this can happen is by caring for it.  Keep reading to learn more about this. 


By Swimming

Putting your ring in water all the time is one of the fastest ways to damage your ring. If the ring is non-tarnish, then water might not damage it. However, swimming with the ring still has its risks. The ring could get lost in the pool, and getting it out might be difficult. It becomes even more complicated if the pool is drained without knowing your ring is there. 


As you already know, rings don't mix well with harsh chemicals. Most cleaning agents contain these harsh chemicals that could lead to chemical erosion. They also leave the ring looking cloudy. So, before you start cleaning, always remember to remove your ring. If you're afraid of losing your ring that way, you can always wear gloves to protect your ring.


Working Out

Understandably, you want to wear your ring everywhere, especially if it means something special. However, the gym isn't one of those places. Wearing your ring at the gym exposes it to the risk of wear and tear due to strenuous activity. Instead of wearing your ring at the gym, you could purchase a silicone ring that can survive harsh conditions.

Labor-Intensive Work

It's almost impossible not to use your hands to do labor-intensive work, especially if that's the field you work in. However, you can still protect your ring by wearing gloves or using it as a pendant for your necklace. That way, you don't have to worry about losing it.

Personal Grooming

I'm sure you've heard people emphasize the dangers of bathing with your ring. It's not necessarily the water that damages it but also the chemicals from your soap, shampoo, and creams. Although it may be convenient to keep your ring on at this point, it's best to remove it when doing personal grooming.

Contact Bostonian Jewelers

Rings are beautiful pieces of jewelry that spice up your look and could also mean something special shared between people. So, it's natural to want to keep it for a lifetime. Bostonian Jewelers can help you achieve this. They provide various services to help preserve your ring from wear and tear. They also offer helpful tips for ring preservation.

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