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Bostonian Jewelers continues to follow safety protocols regarding COVID-19, while effectively serving our clients. We're offering both in-person & virtual consultations at this time. Schedule a one-on-one today! Bostonian Jewelers continues to follow safety protocols regarding COVID-19, while effectively serving our clients. We're offering both in-person & virtual consultations at this time. Schedule a one-on-one today!
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Can You Resize a Ring?

Can You Resize a Ring?

Rings. They look like just a simple round metal forged to fit the finger, but there's much more to those cylindrical metal blocks than that. Rings are used in so many different ways; in fact, they have become part of our everyday lives. Rings are used as stylish accessories, a symbol of status and wealth, and, of course, to show the promise of eternal love. But as perfect and beautiful as rings are, sometimes they don't fit. So what do you do when your ring does not fit? Is resizing it an option without spoiling the quality? Read on to find out. 

What Does Resizing Mean?

Ring resizing is precisely what it sounds like. It involves widening or narrowing the band of the ring. It's simply reducing the circumference of the band or increasing it, as the case may be.  A ring could involve just a millimeter, like a fraction of an inch. Ring resizing can be done for rings of all materials: gold, silver, titanium, and other metals.

People have their rings resized for all kinds of reasons. Some newly engaged lovers don't know their partner's ring size, which is normal. For others, it may be due to weight loss or weight gain. People also resize their rings because they want to wear them on a different finger; the reasons are limitless.

How is Resizing Done?

Resizing is done either through the machine or by hand. The method may depend on the degree of changes needed to get a perfect fit. Most people prefer hand resizing because it usually provides a more precise fit. Hand resizing is, however, more expensive, and people who want a much cheaper option will prefer machine resizing. Machine resizing costs less but is usually less accurate than hand resizing. The accuracy, however, can also depend on the person doing the resizing.

How To Make A Ring Bigger

When a ring is too small, it's practically impossible to wear. Even if you do manage to fit it in your finger, it will make you feel really uncomfortable and may even block your blood flow. There are basically two ways to fix this and make the ring bigger. The first way is to add extra metal to the ring's band. A professional jeweler will add extra metal, usually the same metal material the ring is made of or a compatible alternative.

If adding extra metal is not a good option or there needs to be more material, the jeweler may also recommend stretching the ring. This is done by pulling apart the ring and then elongating it. 

How To Make A Ring Smaller

There is usually one way to make a ring smaller than its original size: by cutting part of the ring's shank and then joining the cut ends together again, usually by soldering.

There could also technically be a way to make a ring more significant than the intended size fit without resizing it, especially if there is no time to resize it professionally. If that is the case and the ring is more significant than your ring size, you can make it smaller using ring overlays. Ring overlays can help make it tighter and prevent the ring from slipping.

Bostonian Jewelers Ring Resizing

Ring resizing, if done right, can give you the ring of your dreams, but when done wrong, it can make your wearing experience terrible and even cause a health hazard by constricting blood flow. That's why you need a professional jewelry service that can give you a ring that's just right. Bostonian Jewelers is a professional jewelry service with staff that are experts in resizing rings. If you need to resize your rings, Bostonian Jewelers is the service you should choose. 

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The Process of Ring Resizing: What You Need to Know

The Process of Ring Resizing: What You Need to Know

Rings hold a special place in our hearts, symbolizing love, commitment, and cherished memories. However, life's changes may necessitate adjustments to your precious rings. Whether it's the excitement of a proposal or the passage of time, understanding the art of ring resizing is essential to ensure your beloved pieces remain a perfect fit, preserving their timeless elegance.

In this article, we will unravel the intricate process of ring resizing and explore everything you need to know to keep your cherished rings as stunning as ever.

Why is the Ring Resized?

Ring resizing is a common practice to ensure the wearer enjoys a comfortable and secure fit. Several factors drive the need for resizing, including changes in finger size due to weight fluctuations or environmental factors. 

Style preferences may also evolve, as do sentimental or practical considerations, such as inheriting a ring or wanting to wear it on a different finger, which can prompt resizing. Regardless, ring resizing helps individuals continue to enjoy their cherished jewelry.

How Do Rings Get Resized?

When contemplating ring resizing, the ideal approach is to return to the original jewelry store. Their experts intimately know your ring's design and composition, ensuring precise resizing that preserves its integrity and aesthetics. 

This ensures that the resizing process is executed with utmost care, resulting in a perfectly fitted, beautiful piece of jewelry.

Reducing Ring Size: 

Resizing a ring to a smaller size involves an intricate yet manageable process. The metal must be heated to an exact temperature, striking a delicate balance between hot and cold. Extreme temperatures can render the metal challenging to manipulate and alter its chemical composition. 

Relying on the original jeweler is recommended for this task, as their experience guarantees the metal is heated to perfection, retaining its chemical properties while remaining malleable.

Expanding the Ring:

When the goal is to make a ring larger for a perfect fit, jewelers employ various techniques. To avoid subjecting the ring to heat, they may delicately shave off a portion of the inner gold surface, reducing the ring band's width. This adjustment ensures a comfortable fit on the finger without compromising the ring's structural integrity.

How Much Time Does It Take to Resize Rings?

Anticipate a temporary separation from your ring when resizing it at your local jeweler, with an estimated timeframe of up to two weeks. While the resizing itself is relatively swift, ranging from 10 minutes to approximately 5 or 6 hours to achieve the desired size, local jewelry stores often juggle multiple tasks, contributing to the two-week duration for the complete process.

Why Bostonian Jewelers Can Assist With The Process of Ring Resizing:

Choosing Bostonian Jewelers for your ring resizing needs is a wise decision. Their expertise ensures a seamless process, preserving the beauty and sentiment of your cherished rings. Trust them for a perfect fit every time, and experience craftsmanship at its finest.

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