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Getting A Head Start on Valentine’s Day Gifts

Getting A Head Start on Valentine’s Day Gifts

The chaos of the holidays may be over, but before you know it, the stores will be stocked with heart-shaped candies and teddy bears. Valentine’s day tends to sneak up on us every year, leaving us scrambling to find a meaningful gift on the 13th. So this year, we’re here to help you get ahead and give ideas that will be unique! Instead of the typical flowers, chocolate, and dinner, why not give that special someone a gift that’ll last and be a token of your love for years to come? A special piece of jewelry makes a great gift! Whether you want to create a custom piece or select from our ready-made pieces at Bostonian Jewelers, we have a wide variety to choose from. 

“Heartbeat” Necklace 

Anything heart-shaped makes a classic valentine’s gift! Our heart-shaped necklace can be customized to mix and match her favorite gemstones and colors. You can choose between platinum, yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold chain. For gemstones, we can use either ruby or diamond, or even customize with her birthstone for an extra personalized touch! Whichever you choose will make a gorgeous combination that she’s bound to love! It can be layered with her other favorite necklaces, or stand alone as an eyecatching piece that sparkles brightly. 

Love Infinity Necklace 

Another valentine’s classic is our pendant necklace with the love infinity symbol. Suspended from a 17inch rose gold chain, the pendant’s everlasting message speaks for itself. This is a great option for immediate pick-up or in-store delivery. 

Engravable Multi-Strand Bracelet

Jewelry makes a great gift for the special men in your life, too! This Polished Engravable Leather Bracelet is a neutral gift, that can be personalized! We can engrave initials of you and your partner, a special date such as your anniversary, nicknames, and beyond. This bracelet is sleek and polished looking, with a magnetic clasp for ease of use. 

Custom Jewelry From Bostonian Jewelers

If you want to give a gift that’s fully customized and from the heart this year for valentine’s day, we also specialize in custom jewelry! From rings to necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and beyond, we can make your visions come to life. Use her birthstone or custom engravement for a unique touch in any piece. Want to learn more about the custom design process? Get in contact with us today to get started.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Our Top Jewelry Picks

‘Tis the season… The Christmas lights are strung, the tree is decorated, and the stockings are hung by the chimney with care! The holiday season is among us, and it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to get for the special ladies on your list! If you’re considering buying jewelry, now’s the time to do so, to ensure Santa’s elves will be able to deliver it in time. We’ve put together a guide of a few of our stunning jewelry pieces that she’s bound to love! Check them out below, and visit our fresh stock page for more readily available pieces that’ll make a great gift.

Ruby Halo Ring

Nothing says “the holidays are here” quite like this stunning Ruby Halo Diamond Ring! The intense, rich color of the ruby is the perfect match for the season! Inspired by the center gemstone, each diamond is individually selected to handcraft a unique, eyecatching piece. The detailing of this ring, from the handmade thin bezel frame to the diamonds set beneath the ruby on either side, makes this ring simply breathtaking. It can be mixed and matched with any of our stacking rings for an even flashier look! Any woman in your life is bound to love this stunning piece!

Dainty Diamond Stud Earrings

Every girl needs a classic pair of diamond earrings that she can wear for any occasion! Whether it be a holiday party, formal dinner, business meeting, or just a casual date, these diamond studs will become her go-to. This dainty pair is perfect for layering up the ear or looks gorgeous on their own. Available in white and yellow gold, these earrings match stunningly with all her favorite jewelry pieces. 

Open Heart Diamond Cluster Ring 

There’s no better way to remind her of your love than a heart-shaped piece of jewelry. Our unique diamond heart ring is a classic, that is low-profile yet simply stunning. With 14 round brilliant diamonds set into a delicate 18k white gold band, an adorable open heart is created! This ring can be worn alone or stacked with several bands!

Order Holiday Jewelry Today

At Bostonian Jewelers, we specialize in handcrafted, unique jewelry pieces that are designed to last a lifetime! Jewelry is a timeless gift that she’ll appreciate for years to come. Purchase a piece online today, or visit our store in Downtown Crossing to explore and pick up a ready-made piece on the spot!

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The Perfect Holiday Gift for Her: Custom Jewelry

The Perfect Holiday Gift for Her: Custom Jewelry

Before you know it, we’ll be decking the halls with bows of holly, stringing lights on the Christmas tree, and hustling and bustling to get our gifts bought and wrapped. While some find Christmas shopping to be enjoyable and fun, others find it rather stressful, struggling to find just the perfect gift. Instead of fighting the crowds on Black Friday at the mall, or searching the internet far and wide for the best Cyber Monday deals, how about getting that special someone a unique, timeless gift that she’ll love; Custom Jewelry. At Bostonian Jewelers, we specialize in custom jewelry designs, from rings to necklaces, earrings and beyond. 

Why Give Custom Jewelry 

Creating a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry is a thoughtful and meaningful gift that will last a lifetime. Spending the time to carefully pick out the detailing for a piece of jewelry that you know she’ll love will mean the world to her. Considering her favorite things when it comes to jewelry, such as which gemstones she’ll like, if she has a flashy or more dainty style, will allow you to show her just how much you care! You can even engrave custom dates, such as an anniversary, or initials to make it even more unique. No matter what piece of jewelry you choose and how you customize it, the thought put into it will make it special. 

How the Custom Jewelry Process Works 

Now that you’re convinced that custom jewelry is the perfect gift for the holidays, it’s important to understand how our process works. Our craftsman at Bostonian Jewelers has been creating custom jewelry for 50 years, and have inevitably perfected the process over the years. We include you throughout the process from start to finish. The first step is to start with a consultation, so we can get an idea of what you have in mind, and work together to determine how we can bring these ideas to life. Next, we use CAD technology to create designs for your approval. From there, we create a 3D mold printing, to allow you to get a sense of what your precious piece of jewelry will feel like. Once you’ve approved the design, the final piece is created! 

Contact Bostonian Jewelers 

If you’re interested in creating a unique piece custom jewelry this holiday season, now’s the time to get started to ensure Santa can deliver it in time! We guarantee her reaction of Christmas morning will be priceless. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment, or stop by our store in Downtown Crossing.  

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How to Take Care of Your Jewelry

How to Take Care of Your Jewelry

As you get older and start to collect more valuable pieces of jewelry, it’s essential to learn how to properly care for them. Although cleaning and caring for your jewelry may not have been a priority growing up, as the pieces were probably trendier and cheaper, the jewelry that you acquire throughout your adult life are ones that will hopefully last you a long time; When taken care of correctly, they can even last forever! Here are a few tips to take care of your valued jewelry. 

When to Remove Jewelry 

If you’re working with your hands, you should always take off your jewelry to protect it. No matter what type of metal or material your jewelry is made from, it’s delicate. Before working with any chemicals or abrasives, such as cleaning products, be sure to remove your rings and bracelets. You should also take them off before playing any sports or going to the gym to avoid damage. We also recommend taking all jewelry off before swimming, especially in pools that contain chlorine. 

Put Jewelry on Last 

When you’re getting ready in the morning or dressing up for a night out, it’s best to wait to put on your jewelry as the final step. You may not realize it, but there’s a sufficient amount of chemicals in the products you use, from hair spray to makeup, and perfume. It’s also best to avoid lotion, as it can build up on your jewelry. 

Storing & Traveling Separately 

Even if you’re extremely careful when wearing your jewelry, damage can still occur if it’s not stored properly. Necklaces with delicate chains can easily become tangled together, or pieces can knock against one another, causing scratches.  Pearls, precious metals, and some gemstones are particularly fragile. Storing your special pieces in individual cloth pouches or cases is a great way to keep them safe. This is especially important when traveling, as tossing your jewelry in toiletry cases or makeup bags can cause immense damage. Try using a travel jewelry case of jewelry rolls that will keep your valuables safe! 

Jewelry Care Kit 

Having certain jewelry cleaning and care items handy at your house will make it easier for you to give your pieces the attention that they need! Here’s a list of a few items you may need: 

  •  Chamois cloth for polishing and drying 
  • Soft-bristled brush to clean smaller crevices
  • Rubbing alcohol, only for use on hard gems and metals 
  • Jewelry cleaner for gemstones, diamonds, and precious metals

Know When to Call a Professional Jeweler 

Although minor repairs and cleaning can be done at home, most repairs should be left to the experts. Taking your valuables to a professional jeweler will ensure they are fixed properly, and avoid causing further damage by doing it yourself. At Bostonian Jewelers, we offer a variety of repair and restoration services, including missing gemstones, bent rings, ring sizing, microlaser welding, cleaning, and polishing. You can feel confident about leaving your valuables in our hands. To take advantage of any of our services, get in contact with us today! Fill out an online form or give us a call at 617-523-2934

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A Guide to Purchasing the Perfect Engagement Ring

A Guide to Purchasing the Perfect Engagement Ring

Planning a proposal is one of the most special times, but it can also be overwhelming. The pressure of deciding just the perfect time and place to ask, figuring out what you’ll say, and getting permission from her father or family are all big steps. For many men, this is also the first big jewelry purchase they’ll be making. With so many designs, styles, price points, etc., it can be extremely confusing at this already overwhelming time. That’s why we’re here to give you a step-by-step guide that’ll get you started and lead you in the right direction to finding the perfect engagement ring for that special someone.

Establish a Budget

First and foremost, it’s crucial to establish a realistic budget. When you walk into a jewelry store, this is one of the first questions they’ll ask you, since the price range for engagement rings can vary immensely. While there are plenty of old theories about how much you should be spending on a ring, for example, 2-3 months' salary, the reality is that you should pick a budget you’re comfortable with. There’s no need to go into crazy debt to purchase a ring. It’s meant to be a symbol of your love, and the thought that goes into the purchase of the ring is just as important. Once you’ve landed on a pricepoint, a jeweler can better guide you.

Determine Her Ring Size

This is a big one! While it is possible to have rings resized if you were to purchase the wrong size, you’ll save yourself a whole lot of hassle, money, and potential embarrassment by finding out her ring size first. If you want to keep the surprise factor, there are a few ways you can get it without asking her size. Try to grab a ring from her jewelry box that you can bring with you to the jeweler. You can also ask a family member or friend that you trust to keep the secret!

Research Her Style

Once you’ve settled the logistics such as the budget and ring size, this is where you can have some fun and get creative! You’ll want to take note of the type of jewelry she normally wears, and her overall style. Does she like bold, flashy pieces? Or is she more of a subtle, dainty type? Think about her personality, too. If she’s outgoing, she might like a big, sparkly diamond, whereas someone who’s more reserved might prefer something small and elegant. You’ll also need to consider the band; Does she wear more gold, silver, or platinum? Getting some help from her girlfriends might be helpful for this one, too. Chances are, she’s already described her dream ring to them!

Selecting a Diamond

When choosing the perfect diamond, you’ll want to keep in mind the 4 C’s: Cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. These factors, in addition to the shape, should all match her style and preferences. A jeweler will be able to guide you through the diamond selection. At Bostonian Jewelers, we specialize in custom engagement rings, and love being able to be part of these special moments with our clients! To learn more about our custom jewelry process and CAD technology, click here! You can also check out some of our ready-made pieces here.


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A Story of Strength and Courage

A Story of Strength and Courage

There are moments in our lives that cause us to stop, to breathe deeply and to remember how small we actually are. Moments that give The Daily Grind perspective, push us towards remembering what really matters. Of course, our jobs matter - providing for ourselves and our loved ones is ultimately why we work so tirelessly. I am one of the lucky ones, who has the opportunity to actually love the work I do… But back to my original premise: perspective and what really matters, including those who overcome tragedy and trial, who rise from the seemingly impossible places of pain and grief, not only to carry on - but who become stronger, more resolved and quietly more beautiful throughout the rebuilding process.

Renata is such a person. In January of 2017, the beautiful, vivacious young woman was seriously injured in an automobile accident on Route 128. Severe facial fractures and bodily trauma required multiple surgeries to reconstruct her cheekbones, forehead, jaw and teeth, and included the amputation of her left arm. Renata had been passionate about health and fitness, and had put in the work required to compete as a bodybuilder. I cannot imagine how she must have felt, waking up in a hospital, with no remembrance of the accident, trying to grasp how her life had been forever changed. She could’ve allowed the physical pain and emotional sorrow to swallow her. But she fought - for herself and her family. She held onto her courage, her resolve and her hope.

When I heard Renata’s story, I was moved. A friend of mine asked me to create a piece for a photoshoot centered around Renata’s return from tragedy. I wanted to create something bold, unique and strong, but still feminine, soft and organic. The result was an original ear cuff, crafted of beautifully hammered silver and glowing pearls. Each step of the process was inspired by Renata, from sketch to metal design, to hammering.

We, at Bostonian Jewelers, are honored and grateful for the opportunity we have had to create a piece that represents such an amazing young woman.

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Unique and Personalized Gifts for Special Occasions

Unique and Personalized Gifts for Special Occasions

The end of springtime and the beginning of summer usually brings along several special occasions and milestones that call for celebration! Whether it be high school or college graduations, christenings, birthdays, anniversaries, or weddings, a custom piece of jewelry or gift with a personal touch is a great way to acknowledge life's special moments. These type of accomplishments and celebrations are often once in a lifetime and deserve the thoughtfulness of a unique gift that will last for years to come. At Bostonian Jewelers, we can create a variety of personalized gifts that go beyond custom jewelry. Keep reading to learn more about the special gifts we can create!

Custom Gifts for Wedding Parties

The men and women that you choose to stand beside you on your special day are likely some of the most cherished people in your life. Your wedding party puts in a lot of time and effort to make your big day go smoothly, and hopefully, be the best day of your life. Finding just the right gift to recognize and thank them for being a part of your day, can be a challenge. With personalized gifts from jewelry, to pins, to yoyos engraved with gemstones, look no further than Bostonian Jewelers! We’ll work with you to create something unique for everyone in your bridal party or groomsmen. We love being a part of life’s special moments like this and helping to make them even more special.

Corporate Incentive Gifts

Recognize and reward your hard working employees for their accomplishments and milestones, with incentive gifts. Whether it be hitting a sales goal, recognizing promotions, or any other rewardable behavior, having incentives can encourage employees to work even harder. Engraved pins are a popular choice for corporate gifts. We can work within your budget to create something in sterling silver, gold, or customize with gemstones.

Personalized Group & Team Gifts

The spring and summer is also a time when a lot of sports seasons are coming to an end. If you need personalized team gifts for championships, we can manufacture for larger quantities and groups. Custom championship rings are a gift that’ll last a lifetime, and always remind your team of their great accomplishments. With our customization capabilities, we can take any ordinary gift and turn it into an extraordinary one!

Contact Bostonian Jewelers for Customized Gifts

No matter what the occasion, a personalized gift will make it even more special. Get in touch with us to explore your options, and get started on your own unique gifts! Whether you just need one, or gifts for a whole group, we can do it all. Fill out an online contact form, or stop by our jewelry store in Downtown Boston today!

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A Unique Celebration of Life; The Memorial Diamond

A Unique Celebration of Life; The Memorial Diamond

As custom jewelers, we get to be a part of celebrating the big moments in our lives; Often times, this may be an engagement, graduation, anniversary, and many other major milestones. When working with custom jewelry pieces, one of the most incredible parts of doing so is being able to create or repair something that has a unique meaning and significance to an individual. Sometimes this is done by restoring antique jewelry pieces that have been passed down from generation to generation, and other times it's starting from scratch to create something special.

We love all of the unique designs that we get to be a part of; One, in particular, that holds near and dear to our hearts, is the great honor of being able to create a memorial diamond ring. We recently worked with a client who lost her mother and wanted to celebrate her life with a piece that would reflect the woman she was. She chose to have a memorial diamond created from her mother’s ashes, which we were then able to set into an open ring band.

The Process

Having a memorial diamond created from the ashes of your loved one that has passed on is a unique way to remember and celebrate their life, and help you feel connected to them every day. The process synthesizes the environment of diamond creation with controlled heat and pressure. Just like any custom piece of jewelry, the diamond will take on characteristics of its own; However, the color is always blue, due to the boron our bodies leave behind. We’ve worked with several trusted companies that specialize in this process and would be happy to guide you in the right direction. Once your diamond is created, Bostonian Jewelers can set it into a unique ring, necklace, or any custom jewelry piece you desire. This treasured piece of jewelry is one that you will help to bring you a sense of comfort and peace, feeling closer to your loved one.

Custom Memorial Diamond Ring

While some stories that come along almost feel too personal to share, it’s ones like this that remind us to embrace life's moments that, as jewelers, we experience with our clients. We took this blue emerald cut memorial diamond that our client had made, balanced with special marquis shape stones to create a unique custom open ring band. This is a unique and personal way to celebrate and remember the life of a loved one, and we feel fortunate to be able to be part of the process.

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The Perfect Customized Gift for Mother’s Day

The Perfect Customized Gift for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge one of the most important people in your life. We understand how difficult it can be trying to find a unique gift that truly expresses your gratitude for your mom. And if you’re anything like us, you’ve probably done it all; Homemade gifts, flowers, photo collage frames of the family, clothes, dinner, and the list goes on. This year, we want to help you “wow” her with a special gift that she’ll love. Your mother is one of a kind, and deserves a gift that is too! The Skinny Mini Eternity Band is a customizable ring that allows you to add your own personal touch. This simple, yet elegant piece of jewelry has the power to show your mom just how much she means to you. crafting jewelry.

Skinny Mini Eternity Band

This dainty, elegant piece of custom jewelry is the perfect way to show mom just how much she means to you this year. Available in all colors, the options for customizing are endless with this piece. If you have siblings, it’s a great gift to come from all of you. Use each one of your birthstones in the ring to add an extra touch of thoughtfulness. Each full-cut gemstone is 1.0 mm and set with precision. The sleek design of the ring also allows them to be stacked for even more bling! All of our custom jewelry is designed to for longevity, so this a gift your mom will cherish forever. Best of all, it’ll arrive in an elegant presentation box, so you don’t even have to worry about wrapping this year!

Custom Jewelry Designs in Boston

At Bostonian Jewelers, we specialize in custom jewelry designs. Our talented team of designers, paired with highly sophisticated technology and a passion for what we do, allow us to create unique jewelry pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. When you schedule an appointment to meet with one of our designers, we’ll work with you to bring your ideas to life. Whether you have an exact image in mind of what you want or have no idea where to start, we’re here to help! We’ll guide you through the entire design process, to ensure you’ll be comfortable and happy with the final design. As an early adopter of 3D CAD technology, this software allows us to create realistic renderings of the design for your approval before we move into the next step of production. And the best part? Seeing your reaction at the final product! We take great pride in our work, and love being able to create meaningful pieces such as mother’s day gifts. We encourage you to schedule a consultation or drop by our jewelry showroom located in the jewelers building in Boston. You can also shop our products right online!

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4 Popular Gemstones Used In Jewelry

4 Popular Gemstones Used In Jewelry

Jewelry is a great way to show personality while complementing an outfit no matter what situation. For the most part, jewelry is known for having diamonds as the gemstone of choice as they are known for their elegance and beauty. If you are looking for your jewelry to truly showcase your personality and add character to your look, then what better way than to include a colored gemstone or even your birthstone. By adding a gemstone to your piece, you can turn an ordinary piece of jewelry into an extraordinary one! What is great with birthstones and colored gemstones is the fact that you can base your outfits theme and color off your jewelry. Below are five of the most common gemstones, other than diamonds, that are requested when crafting jewelry.


Amethyst gemstones are known for their deep purple color and are said to be a calming stone. This beautiful gem represents love, happiness, and wealth in one’s life. At one point, they were considered more precious than diamonds due to the vintage elegance the purple color exudes. At Bostonian Jewelers we have several pieces of jewelry that feature amethyst gemstones.


When you think of royalty and jewelry, the emerald gemstone is on that comes to mind due to the powerful eye-catching ability of the deep green colors of the stone. These stones have been used in numerous jewelry pieces including wedding and engagement rings. What makes these stones so popular, aside from their amazing look, is that you can combine them with other gems to craft a truly intricate piece. Pairing emerald with diamond on a jewelry piece looks fantastic as the green and clear colors of the stones complement each other very well.


Probably the most popular gemstone aside from diamond is July’s birthstone the ruby. Ruby gems represent love and passion, so they are widely used in jewelry that are looking to portray affection to a loved one. The different tones that the ruby gemstone has makes it’s a versatile stone to use for a variety of jewelry pieces. Whether it is an earring, ring, or necklace, if you are looking to showcase love and affection then the ruby gemstone is the one for you.


Another gemstone that places high in popular gems used in jewelry is the sapphire. Sapphires come in a variety of colors which is why they are so widely used, as they can be mixed and matched with a necklace, bracelet, earring, or any jewelry piece the stone is being added to. By being available in many colors, the wearer can truly bring their character to life by showcasing a sapphire in their favorite color. While there are different colors, the blue sapphire is the most well-known.

If you would like to purchase a gemstone jewelry piece or craft one of your very own, be sure to contactBostonian Jewelers today!

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