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Bostonian Jewelers continues to follow safety protocols regarding COVID-19, while effectively serving our clients. We're offering both in-person & virtual consultations at this time. Schedule a one-on-one today! Bostonian Jewelers continues to follow safety protocols regarding COVID-19, while effectively serving our clients. We're offering both in-person & virtual consultations at this time. Schedule a one-on-one today!
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Different Ways to Repurpose Family Jewelry

Different Ways to Repurpose Family Jewelry

Family jewelry often holds lasting sentimental value, passed down through generations; each piece tells a beloved story. Yet, styles change, and sometimes, these precious items end up tucked away, forgotten. What if you could give new life to these treasures? Let's look at creative and heartfelt ways to repurpose family jewelry, blending tradition with modern aesthetic styles.

Why Repurpose Family Jewelry

Repurposing family jewelry isn't just about updating your accessories; it's about preserving memories. Each piece stores precious memories—your grandmother's engagement ring, your father's cufflinks. Repurposing is sustainable and eco-friendly, reducing the need for new materials and honoring the past. My mother's old brooch, now a necklace I wear daily, feels like a piece of family history to me constantly.

Creative Ideas to Repurpose Family Jewelry

Transform into New Pieces

One of the simplest ways to repurpose is to transform old jewelry into new pieces. For example, you could turn an outdated ring into a modern pendant or stylish earrings. My cousin had an antique ring resized and reshaped into a sleek bracelet, making it a perfect mix of vintage charm and contemporary style. This process can rejuvenate items, making them suitable for daily wear while maintaining sentimental value.

Combine Pieces to Create Unique Items

Why settle for one piece when you can have a statement item? Combine different pieces to craft something unique. Merge brooches and chains into a standout necklace or bracelet. I combined two mismatched earrings and an old chain into a custom charm bracelet. It's now a one-of-a-kind piece that always starts conversations.

Incorporate into Everyday Items

Repurpose jewelry into everyday accessories. Embed pieces into hairpins, belts, or bags for elegance. I added my grandmother's brooch to a plain clutch, turning it into a vintage chic accessory. You can also sew jewels onto shoes or clothing, adding a personal touch to your wardrobe.

Use in Home Décor

Jewelry can be more than just accessories; they can be part of your home. Incorporate pieces into picture frames, mirrors, or decorative boxes. Create art pieces or wall hangings with jewelry elements. A friend used her old family necklaces to decorate a lampshade, giving her living room a unique, sentimental glow.

Pass Down with a Twist

Modernize pieces for the next generation while preserving their original charm. Create keepsakes like lockets with family photos or initials. My sister turned an old signet ring into a pendant for her daughter, adding a contemporary twist to a family heirloom. These updated pieces ensure that family traditions continue in style.

Practical Tips for Repurposing

When repurposing, choose a trusted jeweler for custom work. They can help preserve the integrity and value of the original pieces. Before repurposing, safely clean and handle your jewelry to avoid damage. Remember, repurposing isn't just about creating something new but respecting the old.

Why We Can Help

At Bostonian Jewelers, we specialize in transforming old jewelry into new custom masterpieces. Our expert jewelers provide personalized advice and craftsmanship, ensuring your family jewelry retains its sentimental value while gaining a modern touch. Visit our store or website to start your repurposing journey today!

Revitalizing your jewelry is not just about fashion; it's about carrying your family's story into the future. So, get creative and let your jewelry dazzle with new life!

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How to Design Custom Wedding Bands

How to Design Custom Wedding Bands

Your wedding band will be one of the most essential pieces of jewelry you’ll own. It symbolizes the love between you and your partner, so it’s no wonder you’re considering creating unique wedding bands with their own story. Designing a custom wedding band allows you to create something extraordinary and meaningful; here’s a brief guide to help you start the design process. If you think you’re ready, contact our team at Bostonian Jewelers to learn more about it. 

Find Your Wedding Band Inspiration 

Before starting the design process, you need to find inspiration from different sources. We know the final product will be unique, but it’s always good to have some roadmap to get us started. Pinterest and Instagram are great platforms where you can browse through countless images of wedding bands to see what styles, metals, and stones you like best. You could also visit our storefront in Boston to try on some different styles and designs to see how they feel and look on your hand. Lastly, start thinking about memorable elements from your relationship—places, symbols, and shared interests- that could all be incorporated into your design. 

Set A Wedding Band Budget

The next step is to determine what you can afford. Custom rings can range from affordable to quite expensive, depending on the materials you use and the complexity of your design. Setting a budget in the early stages of the design process will help you make an informed decision and avoid any cost surprises. If you’re concerned about this side of things, we urge you to contact our team to discuss your options. 

Choose the Wedding Band Elements 

After finding inspiration and knowing what you can afford, you can select some aspects of the ring you want as the foundation. To start, you can choose the metal for your bands. Common options include: 

  • Gold: available in yellow, white, and rose 
  • Platinum: durable and hypoallergenic
  • Palladium: affordable alternative to platinum
  • Silver: budget-friendly, less durable

After choosing which metal you like, you can consider which gemstones you’d like, if any. While diamonds are traditional, you can select any gemstones that hold special meaning in your life. For example, birthstones, colored gems, and lab-grown diamonds are great alternatives to traditional diamonds. 

Add Custom Personal Touches 

This may or may not be the hardest step. Custom wedding bands are, of course, all about personalization. Some options include engravings of special dates, initials, or meaningful quotes that can be engraved inside the band. Unique designs are also a fun option, which could be a one-of-a-kind pattern or motif—if you have a favorite hobby, movie, book, etc., that is meaningful to you, it could be incorporated into the design. As mentioned above, personal touches could also be added through birthstones and gems that are meaningful to you and your partner. 

Work with Bostonian Jewelers

After finalizing what type of design you’d like, finding the right jeweler is crucial. At Bostonian Jewelers, we promise to bring your vision to life. We have plenty of experience with creating beautiful custom pieces. We can set up a one-on-one consultation to discuss your budget and inspirations and bring it to life. 

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The Process of Custom Ring Design

The Process of Custom Ring Design

Do you have a specific vision for an engagement ring or wedding band? At Bostonian Jewelers, we want to make the custom ring design process simple for you. We specialize in crafting bespoke engagement rings, wedding bands, and fine jewelry. Our integrated technology, such as three-dimensional design and printing, laser welding, and advanced casting methods, can bring your vision to life. 

We’ve broken down this process so that it is designed to be a rewarding journey to the wedding ring of your dreams. Custom design can feel daunting, but we work hard to eliminate the confusion. Contact us today to get started. 


Step 1: Initial Design Process

The first part of this process is discussing what you would like your ring to look like. Schedule an appointment to meet our designers, or walk in! We want to give you the piece you’ve been dreaming of, so try to come to this with a clear vision of what you want. Bringing along any inspirational images and elements of the design you’d like will help us start building our first adaptation. 

Step 2: Computer Aided Drawing Technology

The next step is using our 3D computer-aided drawing technology (3D CAD) to build out the first design of your custom ring. This step will enable you to be involved throughout the process so you know exactly what we are designing. These are high-resolution images of your piece of jewelry before it’s completed. Your approval is essential before proceeding to the next step.

Step 3: 3D Mold Printing

Once approved, we move on to creating the actual mold for your unique piece of custom jewelry. We utilize high-resolution 3D printers to create a wax mold, allowing you to see and feel your custom ring. This will also let you lay gemstones into the appropriate areas, giving you a sense of what your finished product will look like. We will also use this 3D wax mold to build the actual piece of jewelry - we make an impression of the wax, burn it out, and replace the cavity with the metals of your choice. 

Step 4: Cast Processing and Gem Placement

Once the casting process is complete, your ring will go through multiple polishing, blending, and softening steps. This is where custom elements such as engraving, micro-detail applications, and size adjustments are implemented. We then bring your ring for gemstones to be matched for size and quality and securely set into the piece. We will give the ring a final polish with an industrial ultrasonic bath and a high-pressure steam to remove any remaining residue. 

Work with Bostonian Jewelers 

After everything, our favorite step is seeing the first expression once we deliver the finished design. We have experienced and shared tears of joy and emotions that accompany these special moments. Three generations of manufacturing exceptional jewelry have separated Bostonian Jewelers from the competition by using innovative designs and techniques to make your dream piece of jewelry. Book your consultation with us today to get started.

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Things to Know About Customizing Jewelry

Things to Know About Customizing Jewelry

Jewelries are one of the top items to spice your look or make a statement. But customized jewelry is on an entirely different level. They scream luxury and allow you to create something exclusive to you. However, things can go awry if you go in blind. To avoid this, there are a few things you need to know about customizing jewelry.

Do Your Research

Customized jewelry might seem fantastic, but things can go south if you need to know what you want. So, the first step is to do your research. You can do this by checking for various options online to see the one that suits your taste.

Set Out A Budget and A Timeline

Custom jewelry is quite pricy. But I'm sure you already knew that. However, it's still possible to underestimate a particular custom design's cost. So, speak with your jeweler as fast as possible to learn the designs that fall within your budget. You'll also need to know how long it'll take to make a particular design, especially if you need it for an occasion.

Adopt A Collaborative Process

Unlike the usual jewelry you get online or at the store, custom jewelry requires more collaboration with your jeweler. You must communicate with the designer to know how long the design will take and ensure they stick to the timeline. 

Know All The Fine Details

The appeal of custom jewelry is in the details. You need to discuss all the fine details with your jeweler so you can know what to expect at the end of the process. If you're customizing the jewelry for someone else, you also need to consider factors like allergic reactions to metals.

Benefits of Customized Jewelry

Besides the beauty that comes with customized jewelry, these works of art are usually preferred for the following reasons:

  • They allow you to create a unique design
  • They serve as fantastic gift ideas
  • They can be used to preserve family heirlooms
  • It is a great way to personalize your jewelry.

Contact Bostonian Jewelers

Customized jewelry is one of the most luxurious items you can get. Bostonian Jewelers offers various jewelry customization services. Whether you want to preserve a family heirloom or customize a wedding ring, they've got you covered. They also offer many customization options.

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