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Bostonian Jewelers continues to follow safety protocols regarding COVID-19, while effectively serving our clients. We're offering both in-person & virtual consultations at this time. Schedule a one-on-one today! Bostonian Jewelers continues to follow safety protocols regarding COVID-19, while effectively serving our clients. We're offering both in-person & virtual consultations at this time. Schedule a one-on-one today!
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Keep Your Jewelry From Tarnishing This Summer

Keep Your Jewelry From Tarnishing This Summer

Summer is a time for sun, fun, and, unfortunately, sweaty, tarnished jewelry. There's nothing worse than your favorite silver necklace turning dull or your cherished gold ring losing its shine. But don't worry! You can keep your jewelry sparkling and new all season long with simple tips. Let's learn how to prevent tarnish and keep your bling in perfect condition.

Why Jewelry Tarnishes

Jewelry tarnishes because of a chemical reaction with sulfur and moisture in the air, forming a dark coating. Actors like sweat, sunscreen, and humidity speed up this process in summer. Imagine spending a sunny day at the beach, only to find your silver bracelet has gone from chic to shabby by sunset. Understanding these triggers helps us take proactive steps to protect our precious pieces.

Tips to Prevent Tarnishing

Here are some of our best tips to help you prevent tarnishing this summer;

Store Properly

How you store your jewelry can make a world of difference. Use airtight containers or zip-lock bags to minimize exposure to air. Please keep them in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight. I once forgot my silver earrings on a sunny windowsill; by the end of the week, they looked ancient! Anti-tarnish strips or silica gel packets are great for added protection.

Clean Regularly

Regular cleaning is vital. Use a gentle jewelry cleaner or a DIY solution with mild soap and water. Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasives. After a fun night out, quickly wipe your jewelry with a soft cloth to remove oils and residues. It's a slight touch that makes a big difference.

Wear with Care

Be mindful of when you wear your jewelry. Please put it on after applying lotions, perfumes, and hairspray. Remove it before swimming, exercising, or anything that makes you sweat. I once wore my favorite necklace to a sauna – big mistake! Also, avoid high-humidity environments or prolonged sun exposure, which can speed up tarnishing.

Use Protective Coatings

Consider applying a thin layer of clear nail polish to create a barrier against tarnish. This tip has saved my costume jewelry collection! For valuable pieces, professional anti-tarnish treatments are available at most jewelry stores. Make sure to ask your jeweler at your next visit.

Special Considerations for Different Metals

Silver Jewelry: Silver needs frequent cleaning and proper storage. It's more prone to tarnish, so keep a close eye on it.

Gold Jewelry: Gold is less prone to tarnish but can still dull over time. Regular care will keep it shining.

Costume Jewelry: Costume jewelry often tarnishes faster. Take extra precautions with these pieces, as they are typically more vulnerable.

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With these tips, you can keep your jewelry looking fabulous all summer. Remember, a little care goes a long way in maintaining the sparkle of your favorite pieces. So, get started today and enjoy a tarnish-free summer!

At Bostonian Jewelers, we offer a range of products and services designed to keep your jewelry in top condition. We've covered you, from professional cleaning solutions to jewelry restoration services. Visit our website or drop by our store for expert advice and premium care products. Let us help you keep your treasures shining bright!

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How to Keep Gold-Plated Jewelry from Tarnishing

How to Keep Gold-Plated Jewelry from Tarnishing

Gold-plated jewelry shines due to its bright allure, but tarnishing over time can dull it. If this is what's happening to your precious gold-plated jewelry, worry not! Here, we discuss the top easy ways to protect your priceless jewels so they are as shiny as new. 

Understanding the Causes of Tarnishing in Gold-Plated Jewelry

While gold-plated jewelry is known for its affordability and beauty, it can lose its shine over time and tarnish. This is a natural process influenced by various factors. Understanding these causes will help you preserve the allure of your gold-plated jewelry.

However, this base metal might come to the surface with time, discoloring both the metal and gold. To restore its original brightness after this lengthy process, diligent polishing and care are required. Here, we share valuable tips to help you maintain the sparkle and luxurious allure of your gold-plated jewelry even after years.

Invest in a Gentle Cloth

If you use it often, you must clean your gold-plated jewelry at least once a year and more frequently, every three to six months. To keep them shining, use a cotton chamois or soft, non-abrasive, clean cloth when storing. 

Minimize Contact with Water

Gold plating thickness, measured in microns, directly affects tarnishing. Higher microns mean less tarnishing. To protect your jewelry, remove gold-plated items before showering or swimming. Substances like chlorine in tap water can harm precious metals, leading to dullness or erosion.

Exercise Caution with Perfume

Be cautious with perfume around gold-plated jewelry. Avoid spraying perfume directly on gold items, as some chemicals can cause oxidation and lead your jewelry to tarnish. This chemical response can ultimately blacken your gold-plated items, although it is reversible with the appropriate measures

Strategic Jewelry Storage

Storing necklaces and earrings well is as essential as cleaning gold-plated jewelry. Use pouches, cases, or jewelry boxes to protect them from tarnishing and fading. For ultimate jewelry care, consider storing them in a dark, calm, and dry environment, free from humidity and excessive heat, which can accelerate tarnishing.

The Longevity of Gold-Plated Jewelry

With good care, high-quality gold-plated jewelry can stay attractive for up to five years. Please protect it from salt, water, sweat, humidity, and chemicals. If it fades, you can restore it through tarnish-removal sprays or replacing it for a fresh look.

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