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Bostonian Jewelers continues to follow safety protocols regarding COVID-19, while effectively serving our clients. We're offering both in-person & virtual consultations at this time. Schedule a one-on-one today! Bostonian Jewelers continues to follow safety protocols regarding COVID-19, while effectively serving our clients. We're offering both in-person & virtual consultations at this time. Schedule a one-on-one today!
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A Boston Engagement


Transplants from Connecticut, these two define a true Bostonian engagement. Their appreciation for our city shines through their story. Chris planned every last detail to highlight the best our neighborhood has to offer.

Chris and I first met on July 4, 2013 at the annual fireworks in Madison, Connecticut. Chris is from Madison and I am from the neighboring town, Guilford. We grew up ten minutes from each other, but it took us 18 years to meet that night at the fireworks. Chris worked at the local gym in Guilford. I would see him regularly but we never spoke. I was 18 when we met and had just graduated from Guilford High School. Chris had just completed his sophomore year at Lasell College in Newton, Massachusetts and was home for summer break. We began talking regularly and that summer we spent every waking hour together. We clicked right away. That August, I went off to college at Sacred Heart University to pursue my nursing career and Chris returned to Lasell, each promising the other to stay in touch, but knowing that being so far away, it probably would not lead to anything serious. After two weeks of being hundreds of miles from one another, we decided that we wanted nothing more than to be together, no matter the distance. We took turns visiting each other, either in Connecticut or Massachusetts. We continued that for two years until Chris graduated. This is when I decided to transfer Universities and move in together, while he began a career job in Boston. Moving to Boston has been the most amazing experience. Although Chris is busy with his work and I am busy with school we are such a strong team and each other’s number one supporters. This past year and a half living together in Boston is when we realized that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We are both young (21 and 23), but we know what we want out of life. At the end of July, Chris went home to Connecticut to ask my father if he could marry me. Since Chris is like a son to my parents already, both my mother and father were more than excited and knew that he was the one. My parents gave Chris a ring that was my maternal great­grandmother’s from before the great depression. That is when we found Bostonian Jewelers where we instantly felt comfortable with them as well as admired their work. They made me the absolute perfect ring; it is truly the ring of my dreams. Chris surprised me on Monday August 22, 2016 when he texted me to let me know that a driver would be pick me up at our Boston apartment and take me to a secret location. When I got out of the car, I was instructed by the driver to find Chris. After walking around for ten minutes like a lost puppy, I found the love of my life standing under an old willow tree all dressed up. He was waiting for me at the Duck Pond in the Boston Commons; my favorite spot in all of Boston. Back home in Connecticut willow trees are a staple at my town’s green (a park in the center of the town). After I walked up to him, he got down on one knee and said, “Elisabeth Noelle, will you marry me?” Of course I said yes and we laughed. At that moment, although we felt completely alone, there were three women taking photos of us with their iPhones, which later they sent to us. After spending some time talking in the park, he took me to our next surprise, dinner at Top of the Hub. This restaurant is where we spent our our first anniversary together and where I fell in love with being able to look out onto the beautiful city of Boston while eating the most delicious food. He had one more surprise in store for me, which is my absolute favorite. Chris booked a hotel room at the Taj Hotel on Arlington Street. When we got up to the room, he told me to look out the window. I looked out our room window onto the Duck Pond at the Boston Commons, where he had asked me to marry him only a few hours prior. It was so special and romantic and makes such a Bostonian engagement that I will never forget. To say he went above and beyond is an understatement. I am not only marrying the love of my life but also my best friend and it would not have been possible without the help of Bostonian Jewelers who made my picture perfect engagement ring.


Bostonian Brighton in platinum with custom crown for the heirloom diamond