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How to Clean Your Jewelry During the Pandemic

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How to Clean Your Jewelry During the Pandemic

It’s hard to believe that the COVID-19 pandemic started nearly a year ago. There have been so many ways in which our lives have changed, and so many things that have become the “new normal.” One thing that has remained a constant throughout this pandemic, and scientists have not wavered on, is the importance of sanitation and washing your hands. It’s one of the simplest steps we can all take to protect ourselves and one another. If you’ve been scrubbing up more than normal and using alcohol-based hand sanitizers, you may be wondering what effect it may be having on your jewelry. Harsh cleaners aren’t always the friendliest to your gemstones, especially softer ones. We have some tips to ensure your jewelry clean and safe, while keeping your hands fully sanitized, too!  

Is Hand Sanitizer Safe for Jewelry?

Generally speaking, yes, hand sanitizer is safe to use while wearing jewelry. Most rings are made with precious metals such as gold or platinum and are sturdy enough to withstand the formula of hand sanitizer. However, it’s important to note that although hand sanitizer is effective in killing germs on your hands, it’s not a disinfectant for jewelry. Even after hand sanitizing, germs can still be left behind on your jewelry. Cleaning your jewelry separately from washing or sanitizing your hands is key. 

Effectively Cleaning Your Jewelry

Since jewelry often has lots of small crevices and intricate detailing, germs can easily stay hidden, especially on rings and bracelets that are coming in contact with many surfaces. Generally, most jewelry can be cleaning used warm water and mild dish soap. It’s recommended to clean your jewelry once every few weeks. Harder gems, such as diamonds, rubies, or sapphires that are set in solid gold or platinum can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol. However, softer stones like opal, pearls, or emeralds cannot withstand this type of cleaning. If you’re looking for an effective and safe cleaning solution for all your pieces, purchasing a jewelry cleaner is your best bet. Our Bostonian Jewelers cleaner comes with a mini brush and tray to clean and shine your pieces, and keep them looking beautiful and germ-free! 

Protecting Jewelry From Chemicals

In addition to washing your hands and sanitizing more frequently, you’ve always likely increased your disinfecting of surfaces using household cleaners. While washing or sanitizing your hands with jewelry on is safe, you may want to consider removing jewelry while you’re doing household cleaning. Chemicals can cause damage to your jewelry, especially chlorine, bleach, and detergents, as they’ll erode the finish and polish of precious gems. The chemicals can also cause the bond of the metals to weaken, and in extreme cases over time, even crack and break the metal. The best way to prevent damage is to simply remove jewelry while cleaning. 

These methods should help to keep your jewelry clean and safe, even during this pandemic! If you’re in need of an effective jewelry cleaner, shop our Bostonian cleaner online today or stop by our store in Downtown Crossing, Boston.