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Everything You Need To Know About Ring Sizing

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Everything You Need To Know About Ring Sizing

While Bostonian Jewelers is widely known for custom jewelry design as well as repairs and restorations, we take pride in being a one stop shop for all jewelry services. Our expertise services include ring sizing services for those looking to have their prized possession fit comfortably on their fingers. At Bostonian Jewelers, if customers purchased a ring from our jewelry store, we offer courtesy sizing within the first year of purchase.

Our ring sizing services take about 30-45 minutes, so we suggest an appointment be made to ensure our technicians have enough time to size the ring to your liking while also fitting your appointment with your schedule for that day. When it comes to sizing a ring, our customers can choose from two options; sizing down or sizing up.

Sizing Down

Have a ring that is too loose on your finger and are afraid of losing it? Contact Bostonian Jewelers for our sizing down ring services to have a ring that fits perfectly on your ring. The sizing down process consists of our experienced jewelry technicians removing a small segment of metal from the bottom of the ring. Once the excess metal is removed, we reshape the ring by having the now two ends of the ring meet.

We do this by using a laser to weld the seam closed. Bostonian Jewelers opts for laser welding for our services as it eliminates heat distribution. This assures a smooth and seamless surface while also protecting your gemstone from getting damaged which typically can occur when welding is done using heat from a torch or solder. Once finished, we polish and clean the entire ring and inspect everything before returning it.

Sizing Up

With sizing up a ring, the process is like the sizing down process but instead of removing a piece from the ring, we add metal to increase the size of the ring. We make sure that the new piece installed is large enough to increase the overall symmetry to accommodate the finger size. Our goldsmith creates a piece of gold, platinum or silver, matching the shape, size, and color of the metal of your ring. This piece is then applied to the base of the ring within the opening we created and laser welding it into place.

If you are looking to get your ring sized up or down or would like more information on our other jewelry services please contact Bostonian Jewelers today!