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Anniversary Gift Guide: Jewelry & Gemstones for Each Year (Part 2)

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Anniversary Gift Guide: Jewelry & Gemstones for Each Year (Part 2)

As we discussed in part 1 of our anniversary gift guide, jewelry is always a great gift, and pairing it with it’s associated gemstone for each anniversary makes it even more special. If you’ve made it to part 2 of the guide, that means you’ve likely made it past the 25th year anniversary (a huge accomplishment)! Going into the third decade with your one true love is certainly something to celebrate. We’ve covered the next 50 years of anniversary gifts below! 

Year 30: Pearl Jubilee

The traditional gift for your 30th anniversary is the pearl; Something that takes time to grow, just like your relationship. Any piece of jewelry with pearls is absolutely stunning. Our pearl studs are a classic or the floating pearl necklace. 

Year 35: Coral

Coral symbolizes longevity and success, making it a very suitable gift for 35 years together. The reddish-pink color of the coral is vibrant, much like the past 3.5 decades of marriage! 

Year 40: Ruby

It doesn’t get much more romantic than a gorgeous red ruby, expressing the very essence of love and marriage. Rubies are a breathtaking gemstone in any piece of jewelry. The Bostonian Heartbeat necklace is a wonderful anniversary gift or the ruby halo ring. If you have something else in mind, we can also create a custom piece featuring ruby gemstones! 

Year 45: Sapphire

The traditional and modern gift for the 45th anniversary is sapphire! The beautiful blue gemstone often symbolizes wisdom, something you’ve certainly gained together over the past 45 years of marriage. We offer a wide variety of sapphire pieces to choose from at Bostonian Jewelers, along with custom made jewelry. 

Year: 50: Golden Jubilee

The golden year! If you’ve made it to the 50th year of marriage, it certainly calls for something incredibly special. Gold symbolizes love, compassion, courage, passion, wisdom, and many other traits of your time together over the last 5 decades. A shiny piece of gold jewelry will sparkle and shine for the next 50! 

Year 55: Emerald

The traditional gemstone for the 55th anniversary is the elegant green emerald. The brilliant shine of this gemstone makes it absolutely stunning in any piece of jewelry. 

Year 60: Diamond

You know what they say; Diamond’s are a girl’s best friend! This still rings true, even after 60 years of marriage. It all started with a diamond, so why not continue the tradition 6 decades later. Whether it’s diamond earrings, a necklace, or maybe even a diamond band to add to her wedding ring, Bostonian Jewelers can help you create something incredibly special! 

Year 70: Platinum jubilee

Platinum is a rare white metal that is hard to come by (much like a couple that has been together 70 years!) This is quite the milestone, and deserves a  gorgeous platinum piece of jewelery to commemorate it. 

Year 75: Sapphire

The traditional gemstone for the 75th anniversary is sapphire! If you got a blue sapphire piece for the 45th, consider switching it up with a pink sapphire piece this time. Our pink sapphire and diamond necklace is a gorgeous gift! 

Year 80: Ruby

Finally, if you’ve made it to your 80th wedding anniversary, WOW! You and your partner are truly one of a kind. The romantic ruby is the traditional gemstone to celebrate 80 long years of love and devotion to one another. 

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