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What You Need to Know When Purchasing Wedding Bands

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What You Need to Know When Purchasing Wedding Bands

The time has officially come; You’ve already popped the question and she’s said “yes”, the venue has been booked, she’s found the dress of her dreams, save the dates have been sent out, and honeymoon planning is in full swing. Amongst all these tasks to check off your list during wedding planning comes perhaps one of the most important steps - Choosing wedding bands for both of you! Which rings will you slide on each other’s fingers as you say the words “I do” in front of your closest friends and family? Finding the perfect rings that not only symbolize your love but will stand the test of time and also match your personal style is key. There are so many things to consider during wedding planning, and if you know nothing about jewelry, this can seem like an overwhelming task. We’re here to give you some tips that’ll make wedding band shopping a breeze! 

When You Should Shop for Wedding Bands 

This step typically comes about 4 months before the big day! Depending on if you want a customized ring, or will choose a band from the jeweler, the timing may slightly differ. At Bostonian Jewelers, we specialize in custom jewelry, and also offer engravements! Carving both of your initials, or a special date into your bands can be a unique way to symbolize your relationship. If you’re in a bit of a time crunch or just prefer something a little more simple, we also have a full selection of our classics! 

Think Practical

Wedding bands are meant to be worn forever; After all, the tradition was created to symbolize the eternal love you share with your partner! All of our wedding bands are designed for longevity.  Choosing rings that are comfortable enough to wear every day is a necessity. That’s why comfort is one of our highest priorities when designing any piece of jewelry, and especially wedding bands. We base our designs on your lifestyle and will take certain things into consideration, such as if you’re someone that works with your hands every day. Taking precise measurements is also key, so that you feel confident wearing it even when working, knowing that it’s not going to slip off your fingers or feel too tight. 

Do They Need to Match? 

This is a common question that arises between bride and grooms; Should your wedding bands match? The simple answer- No! This is a more traditional theory that existed years ago, and many couples still opt to use the same metal type. However,  in the present-day, it’s not a necessity! Some couples choose bands that will complement one another, and others choose to completely customize for their own unique styles. It’s something that you’ll be wearing forever, so if your styles differ, that’s perfectly normal! 

Choose Your Metal

First, you’ll want to consider which type of metal you’ll want for your band. Platinum is one of the most popular choices for a wedding band, because of its hardness. The durability of platinum, combined with the prestigious look has made it a go-to choice for many brides and grooms. White gold is another beautiful choice that offers a bit more polish and shine, making it a nice backdrop if you’re going to have diamonds embedded. Yellow Gold tends to be a more traditional choice for wedding bands. With a mixture of pure gold, copper, and silver, yellow gold offers a sense of warmth. Other popular metals include palladium, rose gold, silver, titanium, and steel. 

Select a Style 

Once you’ve selected a metal, next you’ll need to select a style. Wedding bands come in a variety of styles including stacking, curved, nesting, eternity, and the list goes on. A jeweler will be able to guide you through the unique styles and choose something that you’ll love. Some of our top picks at Bostonian Jewelers include the Awe Stacking Ring and Slim Diamond Eternity Band for women, and the Satin Finish band for men. 

Shop at Bostonian Jewelers

Want to learn more about our custom wedding bands? Check out our online selection of rings or stop by our jeweler’s studio in Downtown Boston today! Our expert designers will be able to guide you throughout the entire wedding band selection process. Being part of these special moments in our clients lives in one of the favorite parts of what we do!