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Top 5 Questions to Ask When Getting Your Jewelry Repaired or Restored

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Top 5 Questions to Ask When Getting Your Jewelry Repaired or Restored

Jewelry is more than an accessory or statement piece, it’s a way to express your individuality and showcase how truly unique you are. Whether you’re dripping in gold or wrapped in pearls, it’s important that your jewelry remains in pristine condition.

Over time, jewelry can get worn down or damaged which prevents us from wearing our beloved pieces. Fortunately, jewelry repair services are available to quickly remedy the issue. From broken necklace clasps to broken earrings, professional jewelry technicians will provide their expert knowledge and know-how to quickly and efficiently repair your jewelry.

Prior to repairing your jewelry, be sure to ask the following questions.

1. Are the technicians/Goldsmiths qualified and how long have they been offering their services?

This should be your first question. Don’t be afraid to research several jewelers in the area to see what they can offer and what type of affiliations they’ve had within the jewelry industry, the type of work they’ve done and who they’ve done it for. How many years of experience they have, this is generally a good indicator of the quality of work to expect, if the business has been around a long while you might expect to pay a bit more for the services but also expect to have your expectations exceeded in every way. Check out customer reviews so you hear other honest opinions. After all, you wouldn’t go to a mechanic if he isn’t top-notch, right? Finding an experienced jewelry technician is the same as any other service.

2. Is the jewelry sent out for repairs?

If the jewelry is sent out for repairs, it’s going to be a longer process. There are plenty of jewelry shops where basic repairs are made such as soldering chains, fixing cracked rings and sizing rings. However, jewelry that is sent out is at a greater risk for getting damaged or lost so don’t hesitate to ask the jeweler if the jewelry will be mailed out.

3. What types of jewelry can be repaired?

Numerous types of jewelry can be repaired such as diamond rings, pearl earrings, gold chains and watches. The most common types of jewelry repair are:

  • Shank work - ringsizing, mountin, sodering
  • Prong replacement and restoration
  • Epoxy finishing, ring celaning and refinishing,
  • Rhodium and gold plating
  • Clasp repair - fish hooks, lobster claws, box clasps, etc.
  • Pearl restringing
  • Ring engraving
  • Earring Repair
  • Gold link rebuilding
  • Watch link removal & battery replacement

There’s so much more that an expert jewelry technician can do. Regardless of how complex your jewelry repair may be, ask a jeweler to see what they can do.

4. What should my budget be?

There is no set pricing on jewelry repair, so you’ll need to discuss this with the jeweler. Browse a few places to get a price comparison. Sizing can start as low as $30, shanking can be between $110-$200 and ring repairs tend to be $30+. To really narrow this down, we’ve listed a few common jewelry repair services and their price range.

  • Chain soldering: $20-$250
  • Clasp replacement: $12-$250
  • Stone resetting: $20-$250

A polishing is sometimes free but the maximum you’ll pay is around $40. Although jewelry may cost thousands of dollars, you won’t expect to pay nearly that much when it comes to a repair.

5. How long will it take to repair?

Lastly, make sure you get a time frame prior to dropping off the damaged jewelry. Every jewelry store will provide you with a reasonable time of completion, so you aren’t waiting anxiously. Small repairs can take only 10 minutes while others can take 7-10 days. Some machinery will help the jewelry technician move a bit faster, but others choose to work by hand. In some cases, you may need a specific piece that the jeweler simply doesn’t have in stock. If the jeweler needs to replace something that is missing such as a stone or mounting, this will take a bit more time.

If you’re in need of jewelry repair in the Boston area, contactthe team at Bostonian Jewelers at 617.523.2934.