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Tips for Matching Your Wedding Band With Your Engagement Ring

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Tips for Matching Your Wedding Band With Your Engagement Ring

Once he’s popped the question and you’ve been staring at the shiny rock on your finger for a few months now, it’s time to start thinking about what wedding band will complement it beautifully. Finding just the right band that matches your ring, without overpowering the diamond, can be a challenge. You likely are in love with your engagement ring, so finding something that is worthy to sit next to it on your finger may seem impossible. We have some tips to help you match your wedding band to your engagement ring. There are a few different factors you’ll want to take into consideration when band shopping, including the cut of your diamond, the precious metal used, and beyond. Keep reading to learn more tips for finding your perfect wedding band! 

Matching the Stone Shapes & Colors

When choosing a wedding band, you’ll want to consider the shape and color of the stones used in your engagement ring. If your engagement ring features round diamonds, it’ll look aesthetically pleasing to match it with a band that has gorgeous round diamonds. If your engagement ring boasts a stunning sapphire blue diamond, finding a band that incorporates sapphire will tie it all together. You can, of course, mix and match if you choose; It’s all up to your preference! 

Coordinating Your Metals

Just like with the stones, there’s no “set in stone” rule for this, but matching or coordinating your metals is a great way to ensure your rings will look stunning together. If you have a gold engagement ring, you can experiment with different shades of gold. For example, if your engagement ring is set in a yellow gold band, a white gold band may still pair beautifully. You’re not limited to choices when it comes to metals, but matching or coordinating is the most popular method. Keep in mind, though, that certain metals wear differently. For example, matching a platinum band with white a solid gold engagement ring might not be a good idea. Platinum wears slower and is more durable than white gold is. So, the two together will wear differently. Plus, platinum is actually whiter than white gold, so eventually, they may look like the same color, but in time, the colors will not look the same

Wedding Bands for Statement Rings

If you have a breathtaking statement ring, you’ll want to try pairing it with a classic timeless band that won’t steal the show. Similarly, two or three stone rings typically pair best with a more simplistic style wedding band. The band should complement the statement ring, without adding too much distraction to take away from the intricate detailing or large diamonds in your engagement ring. 

Should Your Wedding Band Match Your Partners? 

Lastly, the age-old question… Should my wedding band match my partners? This one is completely up to personal preference and what you and your partner both decide on! If you have similar styles, it may add some extra sentiment to have them match. However, if you both want something completely different, that’s completely normal, too! We also have some tips for helping to choose men’s wedding bands here. You should both have a ring that’s comfortable and suits your style, so you’re confident wearing it for years and decades to come! 

Contact Bostonian Jewelers

Just like your engagement ring, your wedding band should be special. If you’re ready to get started looking for a wedding band that beautifully matches your ring, the team at Bostonian Jewelers is here to help! We offer our own line of Bostonian wedding bands for him and her, and also offer custom wedding band designs. We also do custom engravings to add a little more of a personal touch to your band! Contact us today to set up a consultation, or stop by our jewelry store in Boston today. We look forward to helping you find your “forever” ring!