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4 Common Jewelry Repairs

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4 Common Jewelry Repairs

While we all expect jewelry that we purchase to last a life time, that sadly is not the case. Based on how often we wear a piece of jewelry and the environment the jewelry is exposed to, wear and tear as well as damage can occur. While a broken piece of jewelry may seem like the end of the line, contacting a jeweler that specializes in jewelry repair can make your jewelry look good as new. At Bostonian Jewelers, we have over 49 years of experience repairing and restoring different types of jewelry. Below are four common types of jewelry repairs that you will come across.


A common request we have see and come across over the years is to restore a piece of jewelry that has lost some of its color. While there are many products on the market that aim at cleaning jewelry at home and DIY solutions, there is nothing compared to cleaning done by a professional jeweler. To get back the “fresh-from-the-case” you will need certain solutions and polishes that only jewelers will have access too. From bracelets, rings, and vintage jewelry our technicians will be happy to restore your jewelry back to the shine your piece had when you first purchased it.

Broken Clasps

Over time, the clasps of your favorite necklace has probably become tilted, bent, or damaged due to the amount of times you wear your beloved jewelry. While you can get replacement clasps at any craft store, they won’t be the same material so the original clasps and will wear out faster than the original clasp. By going to a professional jewelry repair service, they will find you a clasp using quality metal that is either the same or close to the material of the rest of the necklace. Aside from having high quality metals, jewelers also have top of the line solder equipment to make sure that the new clasps are securely fasten.

Ring Resizing

While not every person may come across this issue, more likely than not though you will need to have one of your rings resized at one point in your life time. Whether it be from weight gain or loss, to weather conditions swelling or shrinking the tissue in your fingers, your beloved ring may feel too tight or too loose. If you find yourself in this situation then it may be time for you to contact a jeweler about getting your ring resized. Jewelers have the tools necessary to get the most accurate sizing through either stretching, bridging, or shaving.

Loose Stones

When it comes to rings and earrings with gemstones, one of the most common issues that occurs is when the stone gets too loose and potentially be lost. The sad thing about this is that most owners don’t realize any looseness until it is to late and the gemstone is lost. Gemstones become loose when the prongs holding them get worn down over time, while also typically get caught on clothing which could cause them to bend out of place. Loose stones also occur depending on different types of everyday activities you do while wearing the jewelry that could cause the prongs to bend or pull. With a professional jeweler taking care of your piece of jewelry, they have the tools and experience to solder prongs to proper alignment and even rebuild prongs if necessary.

If you are looking for quality jewelry repair services in the Boston area, contact Bostonian Jewelers to have your jewelry restored just like new!