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Our Jewelry Appraisal Services in Boston, MA

In the event that your most treasured possessions are lost or damaged, it is important to know that you are fully protected. Make sure all your jewelry and other valuables are fully and accurately appraised every 3-5 years. This will ensure proper compensation if an event does occur. Bostonian Jewelers serves trustees and individuals with a complete insurance or estate appraisal service. Our jewelry appraisal service is extensive, and is accepted by all insurance companies. There is no need to leave your jewelry with us, but we ask that you make an appointment (link to scheduling form) so we may set aside the proper time for your evaluation. We will work directly with your insurance company to submit your appraisals or to settle claims.

A written appraisal is a report giving our opinion of the value of your item or items at a given point in time. We provide Insurance Replacement and Fair Market Value appraisals. All Bostonian Jewelers appraisals are compliant with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) are the generally accepted standards for professional appraisal practice in North America. USPAP contains standards for all types of appraisal services. Standards are included for real estate, personal property, business and mass appraisal.

The Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act of 1989 recognizes USPAP as the generally accepted appraisal standards and requires USPAP compliance for appraisers in federally related transactions. State Appraiser Certification and Licensing Boards; federal, state, and local agencies, appraisal services; and appraisal trade associations require compliance with USPAP.

Common Questions

  • Q: Do I have to leave my items with you for them to be appraised?

    A: No, we will evaluate all your items during the time you’re here for your scheduled appointment, we will gather all the information and important specifications required by your insurance company or estate lawyer of the items to be appraised when the evaluation is complete you’ll take your items home with you. Once we determine the value and complete the documentation of all your items, a formal appraisal will be sent to your home address by mail.

  • Q: How long is the appraisal process?

    A: A few items take approximately 30 to 40 minutes to complete depending on the complexity and volume of information to be gathered by our appraiser.

  • Q: What makes us qualified to appraise your items?

    A: We are more than Gemologists because we at Bostonian Jewelers design and fabricate fine jewelry daily, we understand the complexity of how the items being appraised are created. We’re able to evaluate the cost of fine jewelry by breaking down the value of materials such as metals used as well as gemstones and labor involved that gives the items their value. We also understand the importance of worldwide important makers of fine jewelry and the value added to certain items with these important makers marks and signatures the items may be concealing.

  • Q: What do you charge for appraisals?

    A: Our current appraisal fee is $160 per document. We can usually fit two to three of your items on each; this depends on the amount of information that best fit the description of your items being evaluated. Institutions such as Insurance companies require very descriptive information in-case of loss or theft. Good descriptions protect you and make it certain that you’ll recover the exact value of what was lost from your insurance company.

  • Q: Do I have to make an appointment?

    A: Yes, Appraisals require an appointment with our Appraiser, just give us a call or click here to schedule a time that works best for you.

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