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Why you should purchase your engagement ring local and avoid big box and online.

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Why you should purchase your engagement ring local and avoid big box and online.

You say it costs less to buy your engagement ring online? Save taxes? Bigger selections? It pays to buy your ring at your local jewelers for a few reasons, and I’m happy to point them out before you decide on your future important jewelry purchases.

The services you’ll get from your local jeweler outweighs any that you’ll ever get from an online jewelry company.

  •  The diamond selection you’ll see at your local jewelry store are always hand selected. Diamonds are closely inspected and evaluated from the source by the professional jeweler you’re working with. As a goldsmith and CEO of Bostonian Jewelers I know that every time I’m sourcing diamonds I view them as if I were buying them for myself, I would select the diamonds that have the absolute best characteristics for the quality that they are, this means that when I make a presentation it will most likely be the best you’re going to see anywhere, quite frankly speaking, it’s easier for me to sell a diamond that I love and would want for myself than one of poor quality characteristics. keep in mind that this is my profession and have been working and evaluating diamonds for a very long time. So, when you buy a diamond from a professional you're buying more than the gemstone, you’re also buying a lifetime of experience, something that’s hard to put a value on. 

  •  The services you’ll get from your local jeweler outweighs any that you’ll ever get from an online jewelry company. You’ll never have to take the risk of shipping and costs associated with doing so, if any services loose diamonds or gemstones or ring sizing adjustments are required it’ll get done much quicker most times the same day you arrive to our store. This will save you hundreds of dollars in a matter of just a few years. 

  •  Size adjustments are far more accurate when it’s done by a professional. When a purchase is made from your local jeweler, there should always a courtesy sizing adjustment that follows, every engagement ring and wedding ring fits everybody differently, at Bostonian Jewelers, even though we’ve captured your finger size there are times that the fit isn’t perfect and because of this we’ll adjust the finger size in our workshop while you wait at no additional charges to you. 

  •  You’re not just another number. We like to get to know our clients on a first name basis and realize that each has unique service needs and requirements, our goals are to fulfill them 100% of the time. 

  •  Insurance appraisal. The normal cost for this is usually anywhere from $100 to $160 and when you make the purchase from Bostonian it’s a courtesy from us to you for the appreciation of your purchase. 

  •  A lifetime of cleaning and inspection for any loose diamonds, gemstones, wear and tear. Jewelry isn’t invisible, prongs wear down, gemstones loosen up, bands get worn and bent as time goes on. This is very normal of jewelry items that are worn daily. A good Jeweler or designer should offer a lifetime of inspection, polishing and cleaning at no charge to you. We here at Bostonian Jewelers offer 3 years of small gemstone replacement as a courtesy, your center diamonds or your larger gemstones are not included, for these, you should have insurance on them in case of a loss 

  •  Overall, the differences of the services that you’ll receive and the money that you’ll save as a client of your local jewelry store versus an online company are huge, it’s enough to comfortably say that it will far exceed any money saved with discounts, sub-par products or services and tax savings with an online purchase, without the inconvenience of guess work and or risks involved.