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Everything You Need To Know About Custom Jewelry Design

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Everything You Need To Know About Custom Jewelry Design

About Custom Jewelry Design Services

Searching for the perfect engagement ring for your significant other can be a slow-moving process when you’re trying to cater to their style. This also holds true when browsing rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, which is why many people opt for custom designed jewelry instead.

Custom Jewelry vs Customized Jewelry

It’s important to note the core differences between custom jewelry and customized jewelry. If you want to engrave someone’s name on a ring or add an inspirational quote, this would be considered customized jewelry.

Custom jewelry, on the other hand, is completely original and is used only once. You can model your ring after an item you found online but you’ll recreate it with your jeweler and put your own spin on it. Additionally, you can take a diamond from a ring and incorporate it into another piece of jewelry; there are limitless options.

Benefits of a Custom Designed Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are one of the more popular custom designed pieces of jewelry, and for good reason. Engagement rings are worn everyday so it’s worth it to tailor the details of your ring. This also acts as a symbol of your commitment and devotion to your partner. As an alternative to purchasing a mass-produced engagement ring, you are going the extra mile to create a unique design.

Rather than sacrificing your budget, you can create a ring that works for you without breaking the bank. Jewelry that is massed produced does not get the attention it deserves but custom jewelry is created using high-quality stones and metals, and the jeweler works diligently to create exactly what you need. Customized engagement rings are based on emotion which adds tremendous value. You can visualize a memory and incorporate it into your design which your fiancée is sure to appreciate.

While it does take time to create the design and get approval, you’ll be purchasing jewelry that reflects your vision

Custom Jewelry Design Services at Bostonian Jewelers

The artisans at Bostonian Jewelers create a 3-D model so you can see your design come to life. Our goldsmiths make sure to melt, forge, cut, bend, solder and weld metals into gorgeous works of art. From here, our gemstone experts find the right size, color saturation and shape for your design. We also set the gemstone in place using specialized setting techniques and buff out the end product, so your jewelry is ready to wear. We never compromise quality as it is our mission to provide our clients with timeless jewelry that they are proud to wear.

If you are interested in learning more about custom jewelry design and would like to schedule and appoint to start designing a piece of your very own, contact us today!