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The 4 Most Popular Types of Metals Used in Jewelry

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The 4 Most Popular Types of Metals Used in Jewelry

Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring, wedding bands, or a custom piece of jewelry for someone special, there are so many options to choose from it can be overwhelming. One of the most important choices you’ll have to make, no matter what the piece is, is what kind of metal will be used. If it’s customizable, you’ll likely have several different options to choose from. While there are many metals available, there are 4 common metals that most jewelers work with. We’re here to break down the characteristics of each of these and what you need to know in order to make your decision. 


Sterling silver is a beautiful option for any piece of jewelry, whether it’s necklaces, earrings, bracelets, cufflinks, rings, etc. The light grey color is neutral and versatile, making it appropriate for any occasion. It can even work well with other metals, so if you like to mix it up, silver can match with nearly any other metal. Silver is also hypoallergenic and far less likely to cause skin irritation or infections than other alternatives.  Additionally, it is a durable, long lasting metal. However, it is softer than gold, platinum and titanium, so proper care is extremely important to keep it from tarnishing. 


It doesn’t get any more classic than gold. This timeless metal is a gorgeous choice for any special piece of jewelry. Gold is a mix of other metals, such as silver, copper, nickel and zing. It is measured in Karats, which describes the proportion of pure gold to the other materials used in the metal. There are several different variations of gold to choose from, depending on your style. 

  • Yellow Gold- Typically when you’re talking about gold, you’re referring to yellow yold. It’s the purest form of the metal. It is an alloy of pure gold, silver, and copper or zinc. 
  • White Gold- This is often more of a grayish color, made from an alloy of pure gold and white metals like nickel, silver and palladium. 
  • Rose Gold- This trendy metal is made from the alloy of pure gold and a larger portion of copper, giving it a pink or red tone. 


If you’re looking for something durable, platinum is the way to go. It’s extremely strong and will never tarnish, making it a great choice for wedding bands and everyday jewelry. Platinum is often alloyed with copper and cobalt for a unique look, but you can also pair it with other metals for even stronger durability. 


The most durable and hardest natural metal known to man is titanium. It’s scratch resistant, lightweight, and completely hypoallergenic. Plus, it’s easy to color so you can customize it to suit your style. The one drawback of titanium is that it isn’t resizable, so it doesn’t make the best option for rings since your finger size can change over time. Titanium is great for piercings, necklaces, cufflinks, and beyond! 

If you still have questions about which type of metal is best for your piece of jewelry, the experts at Bostonian Jewelers can help! Get in touch with us today by calling (617) 523-2934 or stop by our store in Downtown Crossing in Boston.