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Anniversary Gift Guide: Jewelry & Gemstones for Each Year (Part 1)

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Anniversary Gift Guide: Jewelry & Gemstones for Each Year (Part 1)

Jewelry is a timeless gift for any occasion, and especially an anniversary. Did you know that each anniversary comes with a gemstone or metal associated with it? This tradition of anniversary gift dates back to 1922, when Emily Post published her first etiquette guide for each anniversary. Today, there is an official list of anniversary jewelry, endorsed by Jewelers of America and the American Gem Trade Association. In part 1 of our anniversary gift guide, we’ll cover the big milestones from the 1st to the 25th, so you’ll always know exactly what to get your significant other! 

Year 1: Gold

Hitting the 1 year mark is a big milestone in your relationship! You’ve likely had many firsts as a couple in this year, such as maybe your first home, first pet together, or maybe even your first child. All of these steps you’ve taken together this year deserved to be celebrated with something special. A gold piece of jewelry symbolizes eternity, unification, and vitality. 

Year 5: Sapphire

You’ll be surprised how fast 5 years goes. At this point in your marriage, you’ve probably made some big changes together, whether it be moving from the city to the suburbs, starting a family, progressing your careers, etc. Sapphire is the traditional gemstone to celebrate your 5th anniversary. Checkout some of our gorgeous sapphire pieces of jewelry, including the skinny mini eternity band  and Bostonian Cassandra Necklace

Year 10: Diamond

The 10th year is a special one… a full decade of marriage in the books! It’s certainly something to be honored, and what better way than with gorgeous diamonds? This durable gemstone symbolizes a strong, lost-lasting love. A diamond piece of jewelry is a timeless piece that’ll last for a lifetime. 

Year 15: Ruby

The symbol of love and passion, rubies are a special gem for the 15th! We have many gorgeous pieces from rings, to necklaces and earrings featuring ruby gemstones. You can also opt to create a custom piece to make it even more unique for your anniversary gift. 

Year 20: Emerald

Two decades together is quite the impressive milestone. By this point in your marriage your children may be teenagers or even heading into college. Your devotion to one another as spouses has given your children something to aspire for as they begin relationships of their own one day. Emeralds are the gorgeous gemstone associated with your 20th anniversary, as its said to bring good fortune, foresight, and youth. 

Year 25: Silver jubilee 

The 25th is a special one; Silver jubilee! Sterling silver is a gorgeous metal that comes with no limits. From watches, to jewelry, to custom home accents, you can get anything and everything in silver. We can help you create a gorgeous piece of custom jewelry to celebrate the occasion, or choose from our ready-made collections

Keep an eye out for part 2 of our anniversary gift guide, for the next 50 years of anniversaries!