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If only jewelry could talk, the stories it would tell!

Bostonian Jewelers experience lies in our ability to reveal those stories, as well as secure a continued journey for your heirlooms. Our jewelry repair and restoration services are built on meeting what is seemingly the impossible challenge of reversing years of wear or an unfortunate accident. Our Principal in antique jewelry restoration will breathe new life into even the most intricate antique and period jewelry. From stainless steel eyeglass frames and small metal collectibles, to your most valuable legacy pieces passed on from earlier generations, we are passionate about and skilled in repairing what is valuable to you. Keep in mind that all work is completed onsite, and many projects are available as While-You-Wait service.

Common Questions

  • Q: What is the difference between jewelry restoration and jewelry repair?

    A: The main difference is that when a piece of jewelry is restored it’s brought back to the condition of the day it was originally created without affecting the gemstones, if any, or the patina that is so characteristic of period jewelry. We do not use heat or fillers (such as solder) in our restoration process.

  • Q: Does my jewelry that is damaged or falling apart need to be antique or vintage for me to consider restoring it?

    A: No, we often restore newer jewelry that has been damaged in an accident or was fabricated improperly or is simply not standing up to the test of time and wear.

  • Q: Why should I restore versus repair?

    A: Fine jewelry restoration is done without noticeable traces; the finish is homogenous because the precious metal the jewelry is made of is used during the micro welding process. Solder, fillers, and heat from a jeweler’s torch are used when performing general jewelry repairs. This process leaves traces of solder, and poses the risk of melting and damaging areas. Color variation and texture may occur on the metal surfaces being soldered.

  • Q: What is laser welding?

    A: Laser welding uses a very powerful light energy to seamlessly repair or restore fine jewelry. Our goldsmiths work on microscopic levels, with full control of the diameter of the laser beam as well as the voltage power applied to the area being. We can replace platinum or gold in worn out areas and apply small elements created by our goldsmith without the use of filler, solder, or heat from a jeweler’s torch. Because laser welding technology doesn’t have any heat distribution, heat sensitive gemstones are kept in place, and all work can be performed with the gemstones in their original settings.

  • Q: Are all jewelers who use laser welding equipment qualified to work on my family heirloom?

    A: Not necessarily. At Bostonian Jewelers, half a century of experience, as well as utilizing the right tools and equipment, lend to our expertise. Laser welding equipment is efficient and effective, but the tools don’t make a tradesman or artisan good at what they do. Our artisans are proficient in their trade and have an excellent understanding of both the tools they use, and how to use them. Bostonian Jewelers has been restoring and creating fine family heirlooms for nearly five decades, long before laser welding was available. We recognized what laser welding technology had to offer very early on, and became early adopters of this technology - the first within the New England area to adopt and implement the technology in Boston jewelry store, as well as in the jewelry industry at large.

  • Q: Does it cost more to restore my jewelry than repair it?

    A: Generally, yes it does. The reason, it takes much more time to restore jewelry than it does to repair it, metals are joined and welded with a process called sewing. This technique overlaps each weld reaction seamlessly one on top of the other. Metal has to be added to these areas to strengthen the weld joint. This has to be done in layers, on top of the other. The best way to describe this is if I were to light a candle and allow the wax to drip in layers one on top of the other. This is what we can do with metals without the use of solder. In the end, the item restored will look as good as new!

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